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I had six credit cards and was paying $550 per month. Bank did not give me consolidation loan because I had bad credit. Then I met a Counsellor from Credit Management Services and my loans were reduced to one small payment of just $200. I’ll be debt free in 36 months. Credit Management Services is the best place to contact when you have a money problem.”

– J.G.

“I was afraid to pick my own phone. I was so confused and stressed all the time that I didn’t know what to do, but after meeting with a Counsellor from Credit Management Services , I felt very relaxed and he reduced my $34,000 debts to just half. Amazing…….. I can pick up my own phone now.”

– M.M.

“After making us debt free, now Credit Management Services helped us getting the mortgage. We are happy to move to our new house”

– S.S. & E.S.

“My husband was so stressed with these credit cards bills that once he forgot to stop at a red traffic signal. Fortunately no accident happened but I called Credit Management Services right away. Two weeks later my husband was back to normal stress free life.”

– E.J.

“This bill………. that bill………… bills and bills…………….. It seemed that we were working for paying these bills only. But now we are very happy. We are saving now so that we can buy house.”

– E.R. & L.R

I am so worried at that time talking to a Credit CounselorJoy Barcelona. Wondering all the feelings of humiliations, Joy consoles me, gave advised on how to deal with all my debts. Very clearly I understood every step of the procedure, until I got results that finally lessen my burden within. I felt relieved & grateful to Joy. She is my angel. really appreciates how she treated me with respect. I am giving back my respect to her & her Boss. I definitely recommend this office to some who is also in distress of debts.

- Dolly Rodriguez

I felt relieve and overjoyed when Credit Management was able to reduce my debts without interest.I was treated with respect with no judgement and the staff who took care of me was really welcoming and kind and was very helpful. I will recommend this company anytime. In Fact I already recommended my friend.

– Luz viminda

Credit Management Services has really helped me through my financial distress. I am finally debt free. I definitely recommend CMS to others going through a financial distress as well .

– Zeel Patel

I am debt free & stress free now because of credit management services. The staff here is really good & they gave me a solution as per my needs. Thank you so much CMS group.

– Raman Nagpal

I visited couple of trusties and counselling companies but i am so happy that i dealt with credit management services. They are the best when you have debt problem. I recommend to deal with Amit, he is the best.

– Marte Cruz

I went to the office to file my Debt Settlement Proposal for reasons that I was laid off from my employer. The staff's was very friendly. She explained to me everything about the process. I found this office and turned out to be a very good company to help me with this matter. I was so thankful for the service that I have received. I really would recommend this company to my friends.

– Pedro Jonson

Great place to be if you are in a financial mess. I was treated in the most friendly way and made clear what my options were. I chose what I had to and now I can finally breathe easy! Thank you Credit Management Services.

- Maria Alvarez

In my crisis situation this Credit Management Services will help me two times ,and it’s serving me professionally and confidentially .I am very thankful this Credit management to help my debt free and stress free.So guys in my own experienced I recommend you this Credit Management Services will help and serve you ,if you cannot solve your finances and you are loaded of debt and you are down and you feel yourself too much stress and headaches ,don’t hesitate to contact this Credit Management Services and they are indeed to help you ,all there staff are very approachable and will guide and help your financial problem to reduce your stress and you feel after the financial freedom after you apply and approved.Common guys I share my own experienced and now I have financially debt free and no more headache and miserable life for debt and stress free to think the debt I have before .I am hardly to express my feelings and how thankful to found this Credit Management Services.Love this Company and100 percent trusted and happy to help and serve you .Guys if you need there services and you have tons or thousands of thousands of debt don’t hesitate to contact Credit Management Services.I am there client that’s why I can share with you guys don’t hesitate to contact them if you need help and debt free .Thanks a million of this company .

– Eva Balentos

“I went back home to get married, then I had to go again because my parent got sick. Because of that I had to borrow money from my credit cards and I also lost my job. I was in huge debts. Credit Management Services reduced my debts which I am paying in interest free monthly installments now and I can keep my car.”

– E.J.

Contacted them to seek a solution for my debts. Was a good experienced as I was treated with empathy and given a solution as per my needs. Debt free now! I highly recommend this place for excellent staff and even better solution.

– Rahul B

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