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Financial Problems

With Credit Cards - Loans - Taxes?


  • All your income is going to pay bills.
  • Your salary is being garnished.
  • Everyday there is fight & argument at home.
  • You are afraid to answer your own phone.
  • Creditors & Collection agencies are harassing you and threatening to take legal actions.
  • You are stuck in a cycle of high interest payday loans.

Then, We Can

  • Reduce your debts to less than half.
  • Stop the interest right away.
  • Stop the garnishment & other legal actions.
  • Bring back your stress free family life.
  • Save you from threatening phone calls.
  • Save your home, assets and business.Help you re-build your credit.

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Debt Calculator

We have helped Canadians begin a fresh financial future for over 20 years, and we are here to help you too.

How much debt are you in?

DISCLAIMER: This debt calculator is for estimated monthly payments and debt reduction only. The actual results depends on several factors like your income, any assets you own etc.

We can settle the following debts under
Insolvency Act

Business Debt

Business Tax

Car Loan Shortfall

Credit Cards

Line of Credit

Mortages Shortfall


Pay Day Loan

Personal Loan

Revenue Canada

Store Cards

Student Loan

Consumer Proposal

If your debt is increasing and you’re trying to avoid bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy is a legal option to discharge unsecured debts to help you.

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Debt Consolidation

Our debt experts can help you with debt options.

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Maximize your credit potential

What We Provide

Our debt experts can help you navigate your best options to get out of debt. Credit Counselling, Debt Consolidation, Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy can all be solutions to become debt-free

As an honest but unfortunate debtor, you may choose to use the legal process of bankruptcy, regulated by the Act, to obtain a discharge from your debts (subject to reasonable conditions). Declaring bankruptcy means that your secured creditors cannot take legal steps to recover what you owe them, such as seizing your property or garnisheeing your wages.

Debt Consolidation Firm Serving the Toronto, ON Area

About Us

Credit Management Services is an Ontario based firm with a professional and dedicated staff of government certified counselors to provide you the services of credit counselling, debt management, mortgage loans and real estate. Since the year 2003 our qualified professionals have been working with people with different financial situations, debt problems, and income and family responsibilities to fulfill their needs in all these areas.

Credit Management Services has helped thousands of clients to manage their finances and get out of debt. Our programs and services help people in all stages of their financial lives and to take the next step towards personal wealth management accomplishment.


We are trusted by over
12000+ customers.






Credit Counselling


Our Customer Say

Your reviews are confidential. Please feel free to let us know about our services.

Note: We don’t disclose any personal information

I had six credit cards and was paying $550 per month. Bank did not give me a consolidation loan because I had bad credit. Then I met a Counsellor from Credit Management Services and my loans were reduced to one small payment of just $200.

– J.G.

“I went back home to get married, then I had to go again because my parent got sick. Because of that, I had to borrow money from my credit cards and I also lost my job.

– E.J.

“I was afraid to pick up my own phone. I was so confused and stressed all the time that I didn’t know what to do, but after meeting with a Counsellor from Credit Management Services”

– M.M.

“After making us debt-free, now Credit Management Services helped us get the mortgage. We are happy to move to our new house”

– S.S. & E.S.

“My husband was so stressed with these credit card bills that once he forgot to stop at a red traffic signal. Fortunately, no accident happened but I called Credit Management Services right away."

– E.J.

This bill………. that bill………… bills and bills…………….. It seemed that we were working for paying these bills only. But now we are very happy. We are saving now so that we can buy a house.”

– E.R. & L.R

Reduce Your Debts By Upto 80%

One Small Interest Free Payement
For All Your Debts

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